image-holderMy name is Melissa Di Negro, I’m a senior at the University of Maryland
College Park, my major is Communication and my minor International Development and Conflict Management. My group and I decided to work on the electoral system and its effects on voters, I think the topic is very interesting, specially right now that there has been so much controversy surrounding the latest elections; because the topic will combine different aspects of the electoral system, there is potential for topic expansion as well as to discover hidden flaws in the electoral system.

Hey, I’mmale-icon-4 Alex Mallett. I’m a Communications student at the University of Maryland. I believe that the right to vote is of the most important rights a citizen can have. As a kid I saw the right to vote as taking a chance to join in deciding the history and fate of myself and country. As I’ve grown, and participated to join in that legacy I’ve noticed how the subject of voting has become an issue concerning more Americans. I want to do my part in not only participating but learning, understanding, and sharing information on this essential part of democracy and how it affects us.

user-male-iconMy name is Alfonso and I am senior at University of Maryland College Park. I am passionate about voting rights and the voting process in the US because of its direct socio-economic impact. I have always had an interest about this topic, but now more than ever. As many of us know, voting rights along with voter fraud, voter turnout, ID laws, and the Electoral College have been controversial topics in the last election. I have chose to write about these topics to share my thoughts, facts, and relevant information about our rights as eligible voters.

ncEEd76eiMy name is Albert Bannerman and I am a college student at the University of Maryland. I am here to share my thoughts with you on voting rights. I believe that voting is the key to sparking any type of change and/or revolution. With that being said, the voting system can be it’s own worst enemy!