Keep an Open mind!

When it comes to politics it is important to always keep an open mind and research! In politics everyone has an agenda and an angle they’re looking to push. Which can lead to networks like NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, etc. to lean one way over the other, and show content in a way that would benefit their view more. So just make sure before you make a major decision to be in support of a law/political statement make sure you do your research! look at multiple sources and think about how it makes you feel!ncEEd76eiblog_news_network_logos


Register to vote!

Want to register to vote, but don’t know how? No worries! I got you covered! You can register to vote at the age of eighteen. A lot of high schools and colleges gettyimages-154567819_wide-951d6c9ff73d9a7f786db15c0d3879d4dc7d2c44-s900-c85offer forms that you can fill out on the spot and get your voter ID in the mail. And if you aren’t a student you can go to your local MVA/DMV and get forms there as well. When you go to renew your license you can also register to vote at the desk. You can learn more HERE!dmv-office-1080x675

Voting in Numbers!

When going out to vote, make it an event! Go out to vote with your friends and family to your nearest polling place. Voting with your peers can make for a greater overall experience. Also making you feel less afraid if its your first time at the polls and even make you feel more confident in your choices! Also don’t be afraid to invite classmates/work mates with you as well! Spreading the word can do nothing but benefit you and your community. The more the better!636125711018421252-1880376367_23-friends-cover-story-lede.w1200.h630

Voting Accessibility: Time Stands Still for No Man!

Voting is one of the key components to a democracy. Knowing that, you would think it would be an easy and smooth process to go out and vote. According to an article on in North Carolina African American voters haElection_Day__Polling_location_problems_0_49343350_ver1.0_640_480d to wait two hours due to technical difficulties.

This led to less voting participation and thus low voter turnout. Let’s not forget, voting takes place on a weekday. Even if it’s for most of the day, it’s still a weekday. Meaning that young adults have classes to attend to and/or work, and the older population 25-40 have work to attend to. People don’t have all day to wait in line to vote and thus end up not voting in all. Accessibility to voting polls is an issue in the United States that should’ve been taken care of years ago.

Also according to in North Carolina there were 158 less polling places in 40 counties. If people not only have to risk being late to work/school waiting in long lines but also have to travel longer distances to get to a polling place, what makes you think they’ll go in the first place. Voters can’t all risk calling off work or/and school to stay in line for hours and vote. Let’s not forget what happens when the machines malfunction and cause a polling place to cease it’s activates until fixed. Polling places shouldn’t be harder to get to than your local DMV/MVA and should be an easier and smooth process. These annoyances to quick and/or easy voting accessibility play a part in the over voter turnout and the will to want to participate at all. We need to make more polling places easily available and make the overall process more efficient. This way all eligible voters have an equal opportunity to get to the polls and have an easier time gaining access to the polls.


Election Night! Wait who Won???

The SNL you are about to watch  is a clip using satire to describe how people were during election night all the way up to the final results. People forget how others think and lie to themselves in the process. The night Trump was elected president of the United States the country was in shock. Some people expected the results and others were “shocked” at what happened. Now just realizing the injustices that can occur in the United States.


Voter Apathy Epidemic! Turnout or Turn up?

Voter apathy/voter turnout is a huge problem in the United States. The right to vote is one of the biggest ways to shape the future of your country and many people don’t seem to think weather they vote or not matters. Take the presidential election in 2016 for example. Accordingshutterstock-Trump-vs-Clintong to this article found on, what was thought to never happen ended up happening? Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America.

After counting Clinton’s popular vote, she trailed Obama’s 2012 run by at least TWO MILLION! The people who supported her either felt that Trump wasn’t going to become a big enough threat so they didn’t bother to turnout or they felt neither candidate was worthy and stayed home.  Both candidates gave voters little to nothing to hope for and a sense of hopelessness as each day more reasons were given as to why both candidates were unfit to become president.

In this past Presidential election several million eligible voters didn’t visit the poles. Due to the concept of the Electoral College not many people believe that what they doesn’t matter and their vote won’t count for anything. With this in mind why should they not think there vote won’t matter? Schools and the government are doing very little to help ensure voters that turning up to vote will actually have a positive effect on the overall outcome. There are not many schools on a middle school, high school, or even some college level that really teach kids the importance of voting and what it can do to help the country you live in.

Pbs.orgFor example at my local school they have voter signup days but give little to no information as to why you should sign up, or the responsibility you have or/and what you can accomplish and change just by filling out a card. Meanwhile, the state and local governments are doing very little to help influence their communities and local young college students to show up at the polls. It’s 2017! We live in the prime of social media and short attention spans. To get people to show up and participate we need to be more interactive with the youth and show them that they play a big part in what makes a country great!dt.common.streams.StreamServer