“This is the Whole Playbook of Voter Suppression.”

Missouri GOP Wants To Keep Voter ID Policy But Not Pay To Tell People About It


Keep an Open mind!

When it comes to politics it is important to always keep an open mind and research! In politics everyone has an agenda and an angle they’re looking to push. Which can lead to networks like NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, etc. to lean one way over the other, and show content in a way that would benefit their view more. So just make sure before you make a major decision to be in support of a law/political statement make sure you do your research! look at multiple sources and think about how it makes you feel!ncEEd76eiblog_news_network_logos

The Battle Continues for Ranked Voting in Maine

Last year, Maine became the first state to make Ranked-Choice voting it’s voting system for state and local elections, but the battle for the voting system isn’t over yet. Check out the article from The Portland Press Herald detailing the ongoing political battle over the Constitutionality of this new system.


Ranked-Choice Voting: Last Politician Standing


Ranked-choice voting works as a “last politician standing” style election. Voters list candidates in order of preference until the candidate with the majority of votes is chosen. If no candidate holds a majority of the vote then the lowest scoring candidate is eliminated and the voter’s next choice is factored into the results, this continues until one candidate wins a majority.

Check out this piece written by  The New York Times last December detailing the advantages and disadvantages of Ranked-Choice Voting.

Register to vote!

Want to register to vote, but don’t know how? No worries! I got you covered! You can register to vote at the age of eighteen. A lot of high schools and colleges gettyimages-154567819_wide-951d6c9ff73d9a7f786db15c0d3879d4dc7d2c44-s900-c85offer forms that you can fill out on the spot and get your voter ID in the mail. And if you aren’t a student you can go to your local MVA/DMV and get forms there as well. When you go to renew your license you can also register to vote at the desk. You can learn more HERE!dmv-office-1080x675